For all you web developers out there looking for a great start to the New Year, here’s some tips and tricks to step your game up.

Do you want to be a freelance website designer? Do you want your name beside the top web developers of this time? The demand for this position in the freelance marketplace is growing rapidly day by day. Below are some helpful web development tricks and tricks that will help you establish and grow your freelancing career.


  • Firebug

Firebug is a reliable browser extension that can help you with debugging and coding. It has useful features for layout testing, broken image testing, cookies information, markup validation, multiple screen size and more. If you need any of these features, then this platform is for you.


  • Don’t make your codes too complicated.  

Keep your codes different from each other. Also, try your best not to break any element or structure even by mistake.


  • Secure your entire website.

Check every detail, most especially security, before bringing your website live. You can use ASafaWeb to check your security details.




  • Use Pivotal Team Tracker to monitor bugs, and your entire project.

Utilize Pivotal Booster and Pivotal Tracer to monitor bugs, and for your entire project management. These platforms are easy-to-use for any type of website.


  • Compare your website design using Pixel Perfect.

Install Pixel Perfect’s extension to your browser. This will help you manage photos before incorporating it in your web pages.



  • Use a fixed contact bar or navigation at the bottom part of your website.  

Think about the behavior of mobile users. Many mobile browsers support fixed class, so you also need to address this in your design strategy.


  • Never stop learning.

Learning website development is a long, challenging process. You need to do research once in a while, and update yourself on the latest trends. This habit can let you recover even from the smallest mistakes.



  • Make the perfect list.

It is crucial for every website developer to make an accurate floating list. How can you deliver a list in floating element? Easy. Just go Plug and Play.


  • Explore the sandbox project.

Do you want to test some CSS effects or new random techniques? You can do so through the sandbox project. If your posts fail to work properly, you can debug your codes using Sandbox.


  • Use Web Inspector.

It is possible to use efficient inspectors in your Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Do you need to double check scripts, images and stylesheets? All you need to do is click on the browser developer option.



10 Great Web Development Tips and Tricks for 2019
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